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Posted on 09-Mar-2020

Torbay Merchant Services

Is your business PCI Compliant or are you being fined?

If your company is taking card payments then you should be PCI Compliant. Failure to do this will lead to a fine that can be between £15 a month and £75 a month.

Imagine my shock today when I went to see a business owner and found out he wasn't PCI compliant. The worst part was when I discovered that he hadn't been compliant since 2014.
This business owner had been paying a fine of £25 a month for at least 5 years. So he had ended up paying over £1500 in that time.

Business owners are often too busy to deal with PCI Compliance. It doesn't help that they word the questions in such a way that they can easily confuse people. This is why I do this for my customers for free. Well actually I normally ask for a coffee while I am doing it for them.

What would you rather pay? £25 a month or give me a coffee?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch and find out if you are compliant or any advice about card payments.
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